Self care

In 2008 the New Economics Foundation (NEF) revealed 5 types of action to give your wellbeing a boost:

1. Connect

2. Be active

3. Take notice

4. Keep learning

5. Give (or volunteer)

Some of these areas you may naturally do (e.g. volunteering to help others / giving your time, noticing & appreciating your environment on your way to work, etc.) But what’s your balance across all 5?

As part of your #selfcare routine it’s good to check where you are for each of these areas and see if you’re overdoing any particular one, and also if you’d like to give more attention to an under-used area.


Take a look at the Wellbeing Wheel that I’ve included in the comments below. Download it and give yourself a score for each area, according to how happy you are with the amount you’re doing in that area. 

*Remember* – this is about self-care activities, things that boost your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Let me know in the comments below which area you spend *most* & *least* time on. 

For me I spend most time on volunteering/giving my time, and least on being active (at the moment!)

#selfcare #connect #notice #learn #give #active #wellbeing

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