Todays focus is about noticing & mindfully paying attention to things around you more.


#Notice is one of my favourites of the wellbeing areas! Perhaps because I’m quite a visual person. However, this focus area isn’t just limited to what you see. It’s about engaging as many senses as you can & adopting a more curious mindset, rather than a judgemental one.


1. Choose a time during the day when you’re going to take more notice of your surroundings (this can be during your working day, in the meeting etc, or outside of work). You only need to spend a few minutes doing this.

2. Pay attention to what you see, hear, smell and how you feel. (If appropriate – what you taste too!)

3. Go into more detail than normal

– how many different colours can you see?

– what different textures do you notice?

– how many different sounds/tones of voice are there, and which directions are they coming from?

By going into more detail – you enhance the outcomes for yourself.

After trying this, share what do you notice for the 1st time in the comments below.

#selfcare #notice #wellbeing #mindfulness #5senses

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