Mason jar filled with our Super-Powered Orange Juice recipe surrounded by ingredients for making it

While on vacation recently I read a book I enjoyed so much, I read it twice. That’s saying a lot for a girl who used to despise reading.

The book is called Modern Rapunzel by Jeanne Powers. The cover looks a little bizarre and out of touch, but don’t let that fool you. It boasts a ton of information about women’s health and natural beauty, especially for hair and skin (my top two concerns when it comes to aging gracefully – fingers crossed as 30 approaches).

Wood plank with nectarines, ginger, lemon, apples, orange, and carrots for making our Super-Powered Orange Juice

In the book, Jeanne shares about a time when she got very sick and suffered from hair loss as a result, and she nursed herself back to health with natural remedies, including carrot juice. This is my kind of lady.

Carrots are loaded with beta carotene which does wonders for the body and fights off disease-causing free radicals. They’re also extremely high in Vitamins A, B, C, E and K, magnesium, potassium and calcium, and have been found to fight inflammation, relieve congestion, and protect eyesight and brain function among many other benefits. All of these vitamins and minerals boast a ton of benefits for your skin and hair.

Blender filled with ingredients for making our Carrot Apple Nectarine Ginger Lemon Juice

Naturally, they’re my new best friend.

I’m not typically a big juice fan because I prefer smoothies and the fiber they provide. But, for carrots, I make exceptions.

While I was reading this book, we were on vacation in Healdsburg, California, home to a beautiful restaurant called Shed. Their coffee shop offered two fresh daily juices: one green and one orange. The orange boasted carrots. I was in.

Straining our Super-Powered Orange Juice through a nut milk bag to remove the pulp

I enjoyed an orange juice almost every day we were there, and I’ve since been making my own inspired version at home. Get ready for some good, healthy fun, kids.

This 6-ingredient, 10-minute (juicer-free!) juiceis based with carrots and naturally sweetened with orange, nectarine, and apple. Lemon juice adds brightness, and ginger some zing (and anti-inflammatory perks, yo). Mint is optional for an earthy, minty vibe. Do it – you know you want to.

I hope you guys love this beauty elixir. It’s extremely simple, easy to make, loaded with vitamins and minerals, super delicious, and my new go-to morning beverage.


Tall mason jar filled with Carrot Apple Nectarine Ginger Lemon Juice

Tall jar of Carrot Apple Ginger Juice surrounded by ingredients used to make it

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