The best coffee body scrubs

Coconut coffee scrub

£13.95 for 220g ,
They say Packed full of all natural, vegan ingredients, Frank’s coffee-scrub range is not only great for skin, but great for the environment too. The special robusta granules help to promote blood circulation, boosting collagen production and reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars.
We say Frank is arguably the impetus behind Instagram’s obsession with coffee body scrubs. Influencers everywhere took to the fad quickly, posting selfie shots covered in what appeared to be, you guessed it, coffee. The brand has since made its mark on this body-care basic that plays on your senses. I tried the coconut blend, which smells good enough to eat. The summery spin on this exfoliator left me feeling beach ready after a few uses. It also contains sea salt (to reduce flakiness) and vitamin E (to tackle rough spots). I would say add this to your daily routine: morning coffee for your mind and a morning coffee for your skin. Alice Cary

Coffee body scrub with tangerine

£14.99 for 200ml,
They say Made from leftover coffee granules from restaurants and cafés across London, this scrub has sustainability in mind. By repurposing the by-product of the brew, this exfoliator is all natural with no added chemicals or harsh ingredients that could harm the skin.
We say Up Circle’s unique combination of tangerine, grapefruit, coconut oil and the magic ingredient makes for a fruity twist on traditional coffee scrubs. It buffs the skin gently, cleansing away dead skin cells and the dirt that clogs pores, leaving you feeling fresh and quite invigorated. It also contains shea butter to ensure the skin is moisturised and soft post-scrub, although coffee is the same pH as our skin so won’t dry it out — who knew? I’m rather impressed. AC

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