Lupron part 2

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TAP pharmaceuticals was a combination of two pharmaceutical companies formed in 1977: Abbott Laboratories (USA) and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. (Japan). Their goal as a joint venture was to expand their drugs between Japan and the United States. Lupron was approved in the US in 1985 for palliative care in prostate cancer, and shipments of the medicine began in May of that year. 
In 2001, “the US Department of Justice, states attorneys general, and TAP Pharmaceutical Products settled criminal and civil charges against TAP related to federal and state Medicare fraud and illegal marketing of the drug leuprorelin (Lupron). TAP paid a total of $875 million, which was a record high at the time. “(MELODY PETERSEN, NYT). TAP dissolved in 2008. 
During these years plenty of complaints were being made to the FDA, including 717 deaths and 7,961 serious cases reported total. Just until 2008. As of today, there have been a total of 6,192 deaths reported to the FDA because of Lupron. 25,041 serious cases and a grand total of 40,223 total reported. 
Let’s put that into a bit of perspective – between 1985 and 2008, the MMR vaccine had a reported 8 deaths, and 157 serious cases reported total. YET – people are more outraged and refusing to get vaccinated for MMR than they are about Lupron. Vioxx was pulled off the market by the time 1,590 deaths had been reported; I took that drug and it worked for my endo pain better than birth control, but it wasn’t safe. I’m grateful they pulled it off the market. (Source: A lot of legal battles were going during this time as well, especially regarding its non-FDA approved use for IVF. It wasn’t until 2008 and after that Dr. Gueriguian made the statement in this graphic and Dr. Redwine exposed the bogus clinical trial data. So, that’s next. 

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