Vegan Protein sources

If you’re looking for vegan protein sources, this is the right post for you! It includes the most important facts about plant-based protein as well as 45 delicious and easy vegan protein recipes!

Proteins for Vegans

What is Protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient for our body. Most of all, we need it for our brain cell function, our muscles, our organs, and also our immune system. Our body even needs protein to make hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout our whole body.

Can vegans get enough protein?

A lot of people automatically and exclusively connect protein with meat, fish, and eggs. Therefore, veganism is often automatically associated with a lack of protein. However, if you pay attention to what you eat it’s very easy to get enough protein on a vegan diet.

So yes, vegans can definitely get enough protein! Eating plant-based protein is even healthier than eating animal-derived protein. Vegans, for example, have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer  than people who consume meat and fish. So let’s eat more plant-based protein, people!

However, keep in mind that this is only my personal research and opinion and that I’m not a doctor or a dietitian.

A Collage of Vegan Protein Recipes

How do vegans get protein?

If you know a bit about the foods you eat, it’s very easy to get enough protein as a vegan. Almost all vegetables and fruits contain protein. Their protein content is, however, relatively low. Legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds, one the other hand, are packed with protein!

And that’s exactly what people eat on a healthy vegan diet. So it’s relatively easy to find high protein vegan foods.

Just shop in the bulk section and add a lot of legumes, nuts, and seeds to your diet. They’re so powerful and great for your health! If you regularly consume these foods, you won’t have any problems with getting enough protein on a vegan diet!

A collage of four recipes containing vegan protein

How much vegan protein should I eat?

The average protein recommendations per day are:

  • 46 grams of protein per day for the average woman
  • 56 grams of protein per day for the average man

If you eat a healthy plant-based diet, you won’t have any problems to meet the protein requirements. On the contrary, the average vegan even eats more protein than needed!

And we also eat waaay more fiber than the average American. There is so much fuss about getting enough protein, but in fact less than 3 % of Americans meet the minimum requirement of fiber. Fiber can be found only in plants like vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. And most vegans eat a lot of that!

a collage of four vegan protein recipes

Vegan Protein Sources

High Protein Vegan Foods

Legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds are awesome vegan proteins sources!

Here’s a list of foods that provide protein for vegans:

  • lentils  (12 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • tofu (13 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • tempeh (20 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • seitan (28 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • kidney beans (9 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • chickpeas (9 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • peas (7 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • almonds (22 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • almond butter (15 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • cashews (17 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • chia seeds (22 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • peanut butter (25-30 grams per 100 grams, 1 tablespoon has 8 grams)
  • quinoa (4.4 grams per 100 grams)
  • amaranth (4.8 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • oats (13 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • millet (3.5 grams of protein per 100 g)
  • spelt pasta (13 grams of protein per 100 g)

Protein in Beans

So as you see, beans have a lot of protein and they’re a great source of proteins for vegans! And in contrast to eating meat, you don’t have to worry about harmful saturated and trans fats!

a collage of four recipes that are high in plant-based protein

Vegan Protein Recipes

To provide you with delicious vegan protein recipes, I teamed up with some talented fellow food bloggers to compile a list of 45 easy vegan recipes that are packed with protein!

We’ve got:

  • vegan protein bars
  • easy and healthy vegan dishes with beans (for example a chickpea curry, chickpea sloppy joes, and a one pot three bean chili)
  • vegan protein cookies and protein balls
  • plant-based desserts that contain protein (how does chocolate peanut butter chia pudding or peanut butter mousse sound?)
  • vegan protein to add to salad

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