Can you ‘cure’ endometriosis?

The idea of a cure, or obtaining healing of Endometriosis, must seem totally alien for most women, especially after all you may have read or been told by the medical profession. Putting the words ‘cure’ and ‘Endometriosis’ in the same sentence usually reads as – ‘there is no cure for Endometriosis.’

Using the word ‘cure’ is very loaded, but what is really happening when a disease goes into remission/clears up – is total healing. The body has healed itself.

Lets look what curing and healing is about …… 

To cure is to fix a particular part, which is the method of treating Endometriosis in modern medicine. We hear technicians and engineers say ‘ that should cure it’, when they fix a particular component which will repair the entire machine. But machines are totally different from human beings. In machines, parts, components, circuits etc. are all separate items which can be replaced, but the human body is a complex and totally integrated whole.

Each activity in the body relies on another activity within the body to function fully, and for the person to feel vital and healthy. The process of Endometriosis relies on so many subtle chemical and hormonal activities in the body, which makes understanding this disease very difficult.

Western medicine is particularly good at ‘curing’ problems. It offers drugs and surgery so that disease, illness or physical problem can be repressed, eliminated or removed. But the root source may not have been found. The same problem could crop up again. This is why Endometriosis continues to return after treatment, because the body is not totally healed.

The human body is so complex, that trying to ‘cure’ any part of it by introducing foreign substances, literally flies in the face of nature, and denies that the body can ‘cure itself’. Yet this is what it does over and over again, all through our lives.

What do I mean by that statement above …… well …

When we cut ourselves, a vast, complex series of events takes place in the body to repair that cut; we do not have to do anything; we do not have to ‘will’ that cut to repair, it just happens, the body gets on with it. It is the same with a broken bone which will re-knit and repair itself, or fighting back a virus and the immune system will kick in and fight the virus like a stealth bomber.

A person who is dependant on others to treat them becomes passive in the whole process, and so someone else provides them with a cure. In other words, curing, is an event that comes from outside us. 

In modern medicine, curing comes about, for most ailments, by the use of invasive drugs, which do seem to work ….. like a sledge-hammer to crack a nut!

Unfortunately, some of these successes are only temporary, or the side-effects are worse than the original symptoms. This is very true with the drug and surgery treatment methods offered for Endometriosis.

Whereas, to heal, involves responsibility of the individual. A person who is sick can take positive action to address the needs of their body. This will probably include outside help as well, in the form of an alternative practitioner. But the type of ‘medicine’ being provided by alternative therapies is always aimed at strengthening the body so that it can heal itself.

All natural therapies aim to boost the immune system

All healing is holistic healing. This means that the entire person is healed, not just the symptoms; not just the ‘bit’ that went wrong. There is always a reason why a particular part of the body went wrong. There are obvious exceptions, like deterioration with age, or birth defects. Many illnesses are triggered by outside events or attitudes to our bodies, including: trauma, misuse of the body, neglect of the body, stress, toxins and pollution. 

There could be any number of triggers that influence the development of Endometriosis, but if the entire person and their total health picture is taken into consideration, then balance can be restored and positive health can follow.

Natural healing

Natural or holistic medicine, is the term used for healing the whole person; it integrates the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health. Endometriosis effects the entire body to one degree or another, as most sufferers find to their expense. This is why it requires a holistic approach to deal with the disease. 

Holistic medicine, which is at the root of alternative therapies, focuses on the education and responsibility of personal efforts to achieve balance and well being. It also provides support in this goal to include safe alternative therapies which will speed and encourage the body to start healing itself.

Natural medicine has been used by millions of people around the world to support them, including:

  • heal chronic illness
  • treat psychological disorders
  • treat childhood illnesses
  • prevent diseases
  • normalise weight
  • normalise subtle imbalances in the body i.e. hormones
  • aid with fertility problems
  • deal with allergies
  • used for first-aid
  • improve overall health
  • increase energy levels
  • boost immune system for times of stress

You can see that the uses of Holistic medicine encompass many of the imbalances that can develop in a persons life. Endometriosis is an imbalance of the body, which then manifests into physical symptoms.

But total healing will not happen if a person continues with the same old patterns of behaviour  If they continue with bad habits or do not look after their body, then tell-tale signs will show up.

For more advice about this subject there is a great page about healing HERE  It gives you a starter in practical advice about how to improve your health, and how to think about a strategy to help heal from endometriosis.

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