Endometriosis Self-care: Skin Care Matters

Endometriosis Self-care: Skin Care Matters

Skin care may not be the first thing you think of when discussing endometriosis. But the state of sufferers skin is a recurrent theme in their life. If you are an adult acne sufferer, you possibly will have lost count of the number times you’ve been asked about, even mocked, over your bad skin. You may have spots, bags under your eyes and, after a bad flare-up, possibly look like you’ve been put through the toughest tumble-dryer cycle. It’s not a pretty sight.

Having troubled skin is not something you should happily accept. If you saw my bathroom, you’d probably think I was a cosmetics freak. I promise you, I’m not. But having a certain control over my skin means having a say in the way I look. It’s about not letting endometriosis dictate that aspect of my life. For me, these are some things that work: 

Skin cleansing is extremely important

Bacteria goes from our fingertips to our faces, worsening any hormonal acne. If you wear makeup, make sure you remove it every night.

Two things that can help: Washing your face using the hot cloth method , and applying an acid toner right after. I stay away from any cleanser that produces foam, as sulphates tend to dry up my skin. Clay or cream-based cleansers are gentler options. The toner helps with scarring and it mildly exfoliates your skin. 

I finish off this process applying moisturizers that are vegan, have no shea butter (it clogs up my pores) and are free of parabens that can anger and irritate the skin. Don’t assume that because you have acne or oily skin, moisturizing is not for you. Always hydrate and drink lots of water.

Dairy, fried foods and sugar are acne fuel 

Reducing certain foods has had a positive effect on my skin. If I fancy cookies, I bake them myself using no refined sugar or butter. I eat coconut yogurt instead of the regular kind. I no longer drink cow’s milk and instead make my morning latte with delicious oat milk. Some claim avoiding coffee helps clear skin, but I am still reluctant to banish this glorious drink from my personal menu.

Good coverage foundation: Feel great even on the worst days 

Check labels, read research on parabens and don’t go for anything with mineral oil , it will clog pores. For the odd acne spot, or if you don’t enjoy heavy foundation, sometimes applying some concealer over problematic areas does wonders. 

Remember, you are under no obligation to look good for others

I don’t feel like wearing makeup every day, but sometimes a bright red lipstick will lift my spirits infinitely. Choose whatever makes you feel like a rock star. Whatever it is, put it into action whenever endometriosis gives you enough of a break to move a little. It will make all the difference.

Some products I love come from Green People https://www.greenpeople.co.uk/

and Nakin https://www.nakinskincare.com/

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