Top tips to cut down on sugar

You might not think you have a sweet tooth, but sugar is pretty much everywhere! According to research, cutting down on your sugar consumption could be one of the best ways to improve your health. 

Here are some top tips to help you cut down on sugar. 

Fat is your friend

Fat has got a bit of a bad rep, but it is actually an essential part of our diets. Going for low-fat or fat-free foods might seem like a good idea, however, the fat is often substituted with lots of sugar and artificial sweetener so take a look at the label before turning down the full-fat versions. 

Get an early night

We’ve talked about the ways that getting an early night can help you to beat your cravings before, and sugars cravings are no exception. A study from the University of Arizona showed that there is a link between how much sleep you get and how often you crave certain foods, sugar being one of them. 

Sleep deprivation of as little as 2 hours and lead to you reaching for more sugary foods throughout the day. 

Go for whole fruit instead of dried fruit and juices 

Dried fruit may seem like a healthy snack, but it is actually full of sugar and doesn’t contain the same amounts of fibre as it’s whole fruit counterpart. 

Do it yourself 

Rather than buying pasta sauces or fancy salad dressings, why not try making your own? A jar of pasta sauce might be convenient, but just 1/3 of your average sized one can contain more than 13g of sugar. The same goes for salad dressings!

 Both are really easy to make yourself, and you know exactly what you’re putting in it. 

Ditch the cereal

I know, I know, cereal is incredible.Unfortunately, though it is also full of sugar! 

Try switching up your breakfast ever so often and instead opting for plain porridge or plain cereal. This could help you cut down on up to 70g of sugar a week! If toast is more your thing, then try wholemeal bread a go and try and cut down on the chocolate spread.

 Heartbreaking, but you’ll thank us later.

Let us know if you give any of these top tips a try or share things you do to help cut down on sugar.

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