Good news for vegans! Starbucks has added to its vegan-friendly family with two new non-dairy drinks.

You will have the choice of either Almond Protein Blend Cold Brew (270 calories) or Cacao Protein Blend Cold Brew (250 calories) flavour, both coming in at at least 10g of protein – not bad! 

The drinks will be made from coffee, protein powder, bananas and dates, almond or cacao butter and then your choice of almond milk or coconut milk – whichever you fancy. 

Fancy a little extra protein before hitting the gym? No worries!

These drinks can be customised, so you can play around with different flavours and even add an extra packet of protein. This would almost double the amount of protein in each drink! 

Be warned though – these drinks come in at 22g and 26g of sugar, which is pretty high. 

However, as these drinks have protein in them, studies have shown that you’re probably not going to see the same spike in your blood sugar levels as you would with your usual cold brew. 

Still, maybe don’t switch up your usual Americano for one of these drinks every single day! 

Are you excited about the new additions to the family? Which one are you going to go for: Almond or Cacao? 

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