12 healthy foods you need on your shopping list | Part One

Wanting to mix up your food shop? Here are foods we think you need to add to your shopping list and why. 

Nut butter

They might be high in calories, but organic, sugar-free nut butters are an excellent source of healthy, brain-boosting fats. 

We’d recommend going for Almond butter. Not only is it they’re delicious on rice cakes as a pre-workout snack, but almonds are also a great source of Vitamin E and studies have linked them to lowering cholesterol and reducing your risk of heart disease. 

Dark Chocolate

Next time you’re shopping, pick up some dark chocolate! Just 100g of dark chocolate (70-85% cocoa) contains a massive 11 grams of fibre as well as loads of iron, magnesium and plenty of other good stuff. 

Chuck some in the microwave and drizzle it over some popcorn for an indulgent, sweet treat that you can easily fit into your macros! 


Garlic is so versatile and can be added to pretty much any dish! Add garlic to your chicken or sauces for an extra boost of antioxidants and vitamin C (plus a load of extra flavour).

Studies have also shown that garlic can help to combat the common cold and reduce your blood pressure. 


When you think of superfood, broccoli is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind. However, don’t underestimate this humble veg. 

Broccoli is full of vitamins A, C and K and also have high levels of calcium, potassium and fibre. Due to it also been a great source of folate, which is necessary for the production and maintenance of cells, broccoli has also been linked with speeding up healing. 

Pretty impressive, right? 

Sweet Potatoes

Not only are they delicious and super versatile, but sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of fibre, iron, calcium and selenium. 

They’re also known for being high in the antioxidant beta-carotene. Unlike the average white potato, 80g of sweet potato will take you one step closer to achieving your 5 a day. 

Frozen Fruit and Veg 

Fruit and veg can be expensive and if you’re living alone, can often go to waste. Get yourself some frozen fruit and veg. Not only will it help you to cut down on your food waste, but most ready-made mixes will also be full of antioxidants! 

Thrown some into a blender with nut milk and so protein powder for a super easy and nutritious post-workout snack.

Are you a fan of the sweet potato? Love a bit of dark chocolate? Stay tuned for part two. 

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