First, I am not a dietician. I am not yet a nutritionist. And I am not a doctor. Any time you decide to fully change your diet, you should always talk to a health professional.

But one thing I can do, is help guide you to delicious healthy vegan foods recipes to add into your current diet plan. Because eating plant based food is not an all or nothing thing.

When I find my recipes, I try and think big picture. Do I have some sort of protein? Do I have a healthy fat source? Do I have veggies? I like to include most of the main things our body needs.

Now I also create plant based foods without these things, think healthier vegan desserts (and by healthier I mean a step up from the butter, dairy, etc filled others).


Because food is such a part of my life, and so is being healthy, I love finding healthy vegan recipes to replace all the unhealthy ones we love. I also like to create new ones.

This is a list of the top recipes that I think are amazing, vegan or not!


  1. FLUFFY VEGAN CHOCOLATE PANCAKES: These are a mom’s best friend. Super easy to make, just mix and cook. 
  2. BLUEBERRY FRENCH TOAST BREAKFAST MUFFINS: The cheaters french toast. Except you are not cheating yourself in flavor because this easy to put together dish is absolutely delicious!
  3. APPLE CINNAMON SCONES WITH EASY CINNAMON GLAZE: This is the scone recipe for the every day baker. The combination of apple and cinnamon is insanely good and the texture is to die for. Bonus, it’s easy to make!


  1. BAKED PROTEIN PACKED VEGAN BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER DIP : Ummmm, does this amazingness even need an explanation? You. Won’t. Stop. Eating. 
  2. VEGAN QUESO BLANCO (MEXICAN WHITE CHEESE DIP): Gooey, creamy, with a touch of spice. I suggest dipping chips but won’t blame you if you stick your face right in.
  3. WORLD’S BEST GREEK VEGAN SPANAKOPITA: This hands down tastes just like my mom’s original. No one at our Christmas dinner new any different! 
  4.  VEGAN BRUSCHETTA CHEESE BALL: Creamy, tangy and perfectly spreadable on anything you want. This non dairy cheese stands up to it’s original cheesy counterparts. 
  5. HEALTHY VEGAN ARTICHOKE SPINACH DIP: So creamy, warm and amazing you will totally forget this has no dairy. 
  6. CRISPY BAKED MAC AND CHEESE BALLS: Take the steps to make these crispy balls or just shovel the mac and cheese into your face. Either way, you won’t regret it. Unless you eat so many you puke, then you might.

The full details of all recipes to follow…..

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